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Books at the Bangala

The family that runs The Bangala has been involved in bringing out the following books on Chettinad. These are available for sale at the shop.

The Chettiar Heritage

A coffee table book on the Chettiar community covering all aspects of its culture, heritage and lifestyle. Available in English, Tamil and French. Now going in to its 4th edition.

Rs. 3000/-

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Mansions of Chettinad

A coffee table book on the remarkable Homes of Chettinad. The photographs capture the grandeur and fine details of the mansions. The book takes you through the evolution of the houses over the past 150 years. The commentary is in English and French, side by side. The Book can serve as an authoritative reference to the unique Architecture of Chettinad.

Rs. 4500/-

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The Bangala Table

For those who have enjoyed the Food at The Bangala, you can take home our recipe book and try your luck. The book contains over 150 recipes from different cuisines that have proved popular with our guests. Meticulously documented, it has proved easy to use and much appreciated by many who have bought it.

Rs. 1500/-

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The Chettinad Cookbook

This recipe book focuses purely on Chettinad Cuisine and is a good guide to a cuisine that is becoming very popular.

Rs. 1300/-

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A Chettiar Album

A collection of photographs of the Chettiar community. Dating from probably around 1900 to 1950, it gives a remarkable insight in to the community’s part in India and overseas. Many of the pictures are on the walls of The Bangala. An interested reader will find it fascinating.

Rs. 1000/-

The Kottan

Having revived a dying craft of weaving baskets from the leaves of Palmyra trees, the author has now documented the entire process in this remarkable book.

Rs. 1500/-

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