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Earlier known as "Senjai Bangala", The Bangala is now in its 9th year as a heritage stay. The origins of the Bangala dates back to around 1910, when all the lands were bought and consolidated into one property.The first building which is the front office room and the verandah around it was built at that time.

Sometime in the 1930’s two guest rooms were added to the first building, to become what is today the block with Room 1 & 3. Subsequently the lobby and rooms 2 & 4 were built. Room No.2 was originally built as a dining room for VIP visitors. During the war years the whole family stayed here, for which the block at the back was built.

During these years the Senjai Bangala as it was known, was mainly used for entertaining VIP Visitors. The Governer of Madras, Sir Athur Hope, visited in the 1940’s. All the furniture, cutlery and crockery used by him is still in use.

Subsequently Senjai Bangala became more of a Guest House/ Club and a venue for formal tea & dinner parties during functions. There was also a tennis court. Leading players from Madras came to play tournaments in the 50’s.

In the 80’s and 90’s with the family almost entirely living in Madras, the usage of the Bangala declined drastically and the maintenance and upkeep was minimal. In due course the buildings were crumbling and in total disrepair.

In 1998, the family decided to restore it and bring it back to its former glory. After a year's hard work, the job was done and the buildings with the original furniture was brought to life. However unless it was put to proper use, we felt the building would again decay. That was when the decision to convert it into a heritage stay was made and the Bangala was born.

Starting in 1999, The Bangala now offers 25 comfortable rooms. A dining facility has been added to enable us to serve elaborate Chettinad Meals on Banana leafs, wedding style. More additions like the swimming pool and the spa to cater to the discerning traveler will find the Bangala back in it's glory days.

The Chettiar Heritage

A documentation for posteriety of the Chettinad culture and heritage- by the promoters of The Bangala.


Beyond words

Over the years our guests have honoured us with some very kind words on our service and the stay. One of our guests simply created a beautiful illustration instead of just mere words. Click on image for enlarged view.



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