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Authentic Chettinad cuisine is best sampled in the elegant ambience it deserves- like the banquet hall at the Bangala. Every meal here is an elaborate affair running into several courses resembling a typical chettinad wedding feast. There is no standard menu- everyday a fresh menu is drawn out and you can simply lean back and let the culinary expedition take over.

A 7-course meal is usually reserved for a wedding feast. At the Bangala every lunch is usually more elaborate and the courses are repeated as many times as you want to. Chettiars are famous for spoiling their guests.

Moving beyond the authentic chettinad fare, dinners are an elegant fusion of European cuisine with the local fare sometimes giving a surprising twist to some typical dishes.

Desserts are a must in every meal and a variety of original recipes like the tender coconut pudding or the

rhubarb cheese cake with a local icing make an exotic ending to the elaborate meals.

If you're so inclined a cooking demo of your favourite dish can be arranged. It's usually set up in the garden, with detailed instructions and is entertaining as well. The Kitchen tour is another feature that all serious food lovers would enjoy.

An important pit stop for any culinary tour of South India, The Bangala welcomes gourmets exploring local cuisines with special packages.


Chettinad Theme Weddings

Celebrate the most special day of your life in an equally special setting- at the magnificent mansions of Chettinad - Wedding Chettinad Style


The Bangala coffee.

160 kilometers north of Mangalore, in Karnataka lies the sleepy town of chikmagalur surrounded by hills covered with coffee plantations. It is here that the coffee beans that eventually end up at the Bangala is grown- by the promoters.

Freshly washed Arabica beans are sourced directly from these plantations and is used without blending with other coffes or even chicory. It is roasted in small quantities, periodically so as to ensure that the flavour and aroma are retained.

The coffee is prepared in traditional south Indian style

using a filter drip to obtain the decoction which is more potent than the average western coffee.

Our guests have always enjoyed it and this is what Guy Trebay had to say in his article for Travel + Leisure:

"Every so often this happens to the traveler. There is a city or a hostelry that one is hesitant to quit. I feel this way at the Oriental hotel in Bangkok, and in New Delhi at the Taj Mahal, and in Berlin, wherever I happen to stay. Now, at the Bangala, it is easy to imagine many mornings of waking up to a steaming cup of South Indian coffee that, as a houseman with teeth of neon Hollywood whiteness explains, "is decocted drop by drop, then filtered and mixed with milk to become highly good.''"

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